Blurring Lines between work and personal spaces!

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System Furniture

We spend more and more time in our workspaces today. Working alone or collaborating, meeting people or having a long distance video call; the line between work and personal spaces is fast blurring.

An underlying premise - An ergonomically well designed workspace always enhances productivity and reduces fatigue; the endeavour of all progressive organizations, facility managers, architects and project management companies is to give an impetus to employee comfort, proving ergonomic workspaces to make a resource comfortable at work.

System furniture is the most vital of all that underscores ergonomics in an office environment yet there is a cost to it – be it the price or the sustainability; and to strike an optimum balance between them all is what determines the quality.

The range caters to the Moderm Workspace requirements in terms of Workstations, Collaboration, Meeting Spaces, Board Rooms thru’ four type of systems:

Thru’ a pool of highly qualified technological experts and designers who are proficient in international knowledge in Design & Engineering, Multiseats caters to all modern workspace requirements, be it Desking, Benching, Panel Based, Tile Based or Hybrid systems with unequivocal quality, sustainability and ergonomics.

Caters to


Meeting Spaces

Board Rooms


Desking / Benching – Uno
89 mm Tile Based System – Eclipse
65 mm Tile / Hybrid System – Interra
45 mm Panel Based System – Performance Plus