Creating a near natural visual effect by partnering with world leaders in lighting technology.

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Light is vision.

And vision is conjured up by light. Aesthetics, Efficiency, Ergonomics and Efficiency play a major role in what and how we see things. The right light helps accentuate beauty while conceals blemishes. Together, light + vision stimulates our brain to discern. Too much or too little, both cause visual fatigue and noise.

The best source of light being the Sun light, we as humans always endeavor to replicate the same to near perfection.

Lumbency Lighting

Lumbency Lighting was set up as a German – Chinese managed ISO 9001:2000 company, which since 2004 made home in Guangzhou, Guangdong province manufacturing all its products conforming to international standards enjoying guaranties from all major certification agencies like CE, CB, CCC, IEC and IECEE.

Using PMMA diffusers from BWF , Germany (the diffuser supplier to all major European brands), the Imported lamp holder and terminal block , you can be sure that same are Glow wire Tested and provide the highest levels of performance in optics, Lumbency has a pool of highly qualified technological experts who are proficient in German knowledge in Design & Engineering.

The brand “ LUMBENCY “ has been successfully registered as Trade Mark in Germany , Lumbency serves as an OEM for many leading European lighting manufacturers providing finished products sold under their brand and the quintessential quality that it offers is unequivocal.

It lights up offices, retail, commercial spaces and outdoors with élan.

Trilux Lighting

Trilux Lighting from Arnsberg, Germany has been illuminating this world for over a hundred years now thru’ energy efficient luminaries and are one of the largest groups in the business of providing professional lighting for all applications, be it a modern workspace, a retail store, a commercial area, medical lighting or even specialized lighting solutions. Recipient of numerous design awards, the products provide for years of trouble free operation in all environments. The name itself is derived from Tri – Triple + Lux – Light, Trilux has been a pioneering force in lighting up this world

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